Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Secret Diaries
A boy in Thailand writes his secret diary in english, so his teachers and parents won't know that he has one and what he writes, but he wants to adress his readers. Is it a secret diary, or a clever trick - perhaps a diary that has developed into something else? It is a very public secret, a very visible and loud confession.

My Secret Diary is software with password protection, so little brothers won't be able to peek... Unless the little brothers turn out to be clever little hackers, which they frequently are...

The Secret Diary is about journal writing, but not online: The art of writing paper diaries.

This is an application for linux users, possibly an interesting blogging tool, if you want a public Secret Diary.

And of course, blogspot has its secret diary, this one written by Ruthie, a nice little journal at the moment mostly concerned with what happens in the library where she spends time with her books and friends.

I am looking at these secret diaries mainly because I keep thinking about intimacy and personal publishing, but so far I am just sidling up to the topic, sniffing at it carefully, kind of waiting to see how it will develop.

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