Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Happy days to my blog!
I set the alarm on my cellphone to remember the date, two years blogging, because the calendar on the computer has a nasty tendency to alert me of events the day after. Perhaps because I turn the alerts off, as they interfere with my writing. And writing is what this is about for me, the computer, the blog, my work - even when I play computer games I think in terms of writing. My son laughs at the vocal stream of commentary I make if my hands are busy with the console, mouse or keyboard in non-writng modes, as if the words need to get out and fall out of my mouth and into the air. I do the same while cooking, whispering to myself what I do and why, a stream of instructions and commentaries. I think I am turning into an excentric old lady, muttering orders to the voice-activated brain, when I can't write it down, shaping writing into voice rather than voice into writing.

The voice into writing has been going on here, online, publicly, for two years today. It has become a part of me, and mirrors my own work and growth - sometimes sparkling quick and challenging, sometimes - like these days - slow and labouring, the result of a brain mostly concerned with immunity issues and with little energy left over for thought.

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