Monday, March 03, 2003

First Page
So close, so agonisingly close... I am waiting for the proofreader to finish with the bibliography of my dissertation - two more days before I panic, but he's good, he is really good at keeping his word when it comes to how quickly he can work. He's also a really good proofreader, even I can see that the text looks smoother, more mature and that the language flows easier after he has had his hands on it. His name is Ian Harkness and if you need a proofreader in English or a Norwegian to English translator, you can reach him through Volda College, where he works part time. That was today's recommandation, and I hope the future brings him just enough work that he can go on proofreading, but not enough that he is too busy when I need him...

I have decided not to go an other round to find funding to proofread it again, by the way. I'll just have to live with the errors in it now. If a publisher picks it up afterwards, we can talk new rounds of proofreading. Now I just want to finish, rather than wait a month or two to have the language checked again!

But the agony is still there. What I am torturing myself over today is "What should be on the front page"? What kind of information does the Faculty of Arts expect from me when I submit the thesis? Should I include the aknowledgements, or will those come later, in six months, when the thesis (hopefully) is accepted and published? Silly questions, I know, but fraught with insecurity as the conclusion of four years of working in what feels like total obscurity not to speak of darkness, I have no idea of what will be important when I hand my dissertation over to the commitee.

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