Wednesday, March 19, 2003

email spam - little gripe
I don't think I'd mind the spam so much if they at least could get my gender right. I know that women might have an interest in Viagra, but why should I want a larger dick? Why should I want to build bulging muscle to impress the girls? Well, OK, I could be a butch dyke, but I hardly think they are a large part of the female population... And why should I want the endless supply of hot teenage sluts longing to suck hard dick?

Perhaps these headlines would cheer me up:
  • Skilled sweedish masseurs wielding essential oils for you!
  • Eager proofreaders happy to remove all blemishes!
  • Let me pamper your hands! (feet/hair/skin/brain are good options here)
  • Stay in bed, get in shape: accomodating trainers in your home. (OK, that one is gender neutral...)
  • Chocolate goes with everything! (depends on the time of the month)
  • Men who really want to explore your mind! Call our hot number 8009666777!

    Well, I would still delete it, but I'd do it with a smile!
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