Sunday, March 02, 2003

The Infinite Point
Once in a while I check if The Infinite Point is still open, and every time I am as happily surprised by finding that not only is it still open, but my old character is still there, with all of her old abilities. Some of the spells have been modified and are useless now, some of the items are gone or adjusted until they are not much more than junk, but she's still there. She also still wears Sauron's black cloak, and is divinely protected from all harm.

It's odd and reassuring, a link to an other me, the me who loves to play, to be somebody else, who could spend whole nights lost in fantasy. And I wrap that elusive textual body about my imagination and wander the streets of Muirthemne, waiting to see Sauron wake up from some odd coding task, the only one from the old days I really expect to meet there. But I always hope...

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