Friday, September 05, 2003

There is this thing about really brilliant people. They get what I am talking about, and they see it in relation to other things, and that gives me new perspectives and new ideas. Having Noah here at the moment is just like that. When he arrived last night, the family all relaxed, relieved, as they no longer needed to listen to my frantic attempts to explain to them what I was trying to express, or what I was struggling with. Today at the college, as I was eagerly discussing some important point with Noah in the staff room I saw the entire staff with the same kind of relieved grin on their faces. (The kind of grin that said: she has found somebody new to bother.)

Some people are like that. Their brilliance is not diminished by that of others, their understanding does not grow any less by the knowledge of others, and their ability to reason goes beyond their own little sphere. I have a little circle of people whom I cherish for this quality, and Noah has always been one of those. Today he dazzled the students, made more than one fan, convinced the young angry men who came as sceptics ready to find a weakness behind the smooth academic front, and lifted a weight off my shoulders.

I am not talking nonsense. Noah understands me. He has to be really really clever.

Or there is this wast conspiracy that I just don't know anything about...

That could be. Probably includes the Knights Templar.

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