Friday, September 19, 2003

The Real Language
I can't help it, I enjoyed this post at Desbladet with exactly the wicked pleasure he describes.

("No really, Impressionable Young Anglophone Person Of Gender At A Cocktail Party, once you've got the hang of Bokmål it really isn't all that much of a stretch...")

Even more so because Jan Fredrik Hovden has his office three doors down from mine, and I have the priviledge of conversing with him on topics great and small in the very language Des struggles over.

Oh, and there are two more significant nynorsk pointers in the sentence he quotes, right at the beginning: "Fyrst gjev..." Those words not only indicate nynorsk, but also a pure, conservative Ørsta version, straight from the homeland of Ivar Aasen. Enjoy...

(When that's said: I am impressed Desbladet found the thesis at all, not to mention that he is attempting to read it.)

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