Thursday, September 04, 2003

The upside of procrastination
Esther - or Neveah - of Ten Seconds to Midnight and the Ran Clan generously answers a question related to LARP. I just love it when intelligent people just can't help themselves but have to analyse their hobbies. That's the stuff the fun research is made from!

Remember to read the comments, Dave Phelan adds a lot of good points. By now I wish I had a couple of days in which to talk about all the aspects of LARP.

(You probably know, Esther, but Ran means "robbery" in Norwegian, and it's also the name of Njord's wife (Njord being the norse god of the sea) and mother of his seven daughters, all named for the waves. So I wouldn't expect the Ran clan to be the good guys...)

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