Monday, September 08, 2003

Good morning Norway
For more than ten years, I have woken up to the voice of former students on the radio, or a list of their names as reporters, assistents or in other media-related positions. Today I got back at them, as my name got repeated over and over again every half hour since 5 o'clock this morning. Aftenposten, one of the larger, more serious Norwegian newspapers, had a large article on how good computer games are for you, and this was obviously news the world needs to hear at 5 am.

I am a little stunned: after five years of thinking about computer games, the whole idea that people might want to know what I found out was a lot more theoretical than the reader-response theory I started out with (and abandoned and returned to and reworked and tried to look beyond). But of course, it's fun - fun enough that I even put on a touch of make-up this morning. You know, just in case a paparazzi leaps out from behind a bush, it's better to be prepared. The news of my defense is spreading to the most remote corners of Norway - even to a deep water diver, isolated at the bottom of the North Sea, who could tell his wife that he had read about my defense in the newspaper last week.

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