Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Heavy editing ahead
Not on my hand, but for the poor interviewer who tried to make me say that GTA3 is good for children, and that Trond Waage, the children's ombud in Norway, is stupid when he wants to control violence in computer games.

There were things Trond Waage and I did not agree on, and there were tendencies of conflict and debate - but the problem was that both of us thought it was a lot more amusing to arrest the interviewer when he tried to provoke conflict and tease him when he tried to control us, than to argue with the other.

However, I fear the public will not be allowed to hear any of that. Now I almost regret that I didn't agree to do the interview live. But if you really want to check, listen to P3 NÅ between 16.00 and 17.00 - I have no idea what comes out of it though! And I almost feel a little bad about being so mean to the interviewer. I mean - he could have been a student. Teachers shouldn't make fun of students and we should take their efforts seriously. Right?

(And obviously, we didn't answer properly - the debate was not aired. Well, that should teach me a lesson about wasting time on the media while I am trying to finish the test lecture.)

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