Sunday, September 28, 2003

They have to be kidding
Spam - what we love to hate. Jill finds amazing discoveries, Kristin writes poetry from the spam in her mailbox and there are spam poetry contests, while I just occasionally find it hilariously funny. Like this promotion of college/university diplomas:

Dimlopa Proagrm

Ctaere a mroe prosperous ftruue for yourslef

Rvceiee a full dmlpoia form non accieertdd
uneveriitiss based uopn your rael life erpexinece

You will not be tesetd, or intreviweed
Revciee a Master's, Bahceolr's or Docttoare

Call 24 hours a day 7 dyas a week

1 - X X X - X X X - 8 2 4 7

If I was to get a fake diploma, I'd pick a forger who could SPELL! But then, I have most of the real diplomas I need. Perhaps what this tells us is: if you are clever enough to figure out that a fake diploma needs to be free from typoes and look real, that means you don't need it, and the spammers are adhering to some weird darwinistic logic. Or they have been overly influenced by this meme?

(Please note: Spam haiku is about the meat product, not the annoying emails.)

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