Thursday, September 11, 2003

not much left
On my to-do-list, before it gets serious.
And I still have no idea what I'll wear tonight. There's a shortage of clean clothes in my closet. Seems like I haven't done any laundry in two weeks. Probably been busy.

(Update: Before the lecture yesterday, I started trying on clothes, while chatting with a friend. Soon I had two of my sisters, a little niece, my friend and my son in the bedroom while discussing outfits. They went through my jewelry, wardrobe, make-up, shoes and stockings, and insisted on testing out everything, for both the lecture and the defense. What I had planned originally was discarded right away: it was simply too large by now. So for the look today at the defense I have to thank my stylists Kerstin, Solfrid, Unni, Hauk and Yr, and the assessors Trygve, Ole and Storm. As if I'd be allowed to go out there without help!)

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