Thursday, September 23, 2004

Back at the desk

And I didn't think I would miss it this badly. But I had fun too. I will spend some time later to sort through the notes as well as the impressions. Until then, in the series "pictures of Torill's feet", the new shoes I got in Brighton, in order to survive running around the campus of the University of Sussex. The other shoes are in the garbage bin, never to torture me again.

These are a pair of Timberland boots, racier younger sisters of the more classic hiking boots I have stationed in New York. It's a brand that fits my feet well, while looking neat with trousers or jeans. They made all the difference of the conference for me. To cover the distances of the campus, with sessions in several different buildings and lunch in another building and coffee in yet another, was a challenge that the sensible-looking shoes I had brought did not stand up to.

It is interesting though, that a conference on internet research can depend so much on the comfort of my feet...

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