Friday, September 17, 2004

Conference break

For the first time since I got a lap-top, I am leaving it home while I go away to a conference. My back is still a problem, so no carrying heavy laptops around this week. This means: I have no idea if I will be blogging any until I return home. I bring the camera though, so I promise there will be pictures later on.

I am leaving today, because of a Saturday meeting in the IIPC - international internet preservation consortium, researchers requirements group (and not the IIPC doing research on out of body experiences and bioenergies). I am looking forwards to meeting other Europeans working in this field, and I am looking very much forwards to seeing Jill and Lisbeth again.

There are more conferences ahead. In October I will be in Washington for the Serious Games Summit - funding and a place to stay is all organised, thanks to Stuart who helped me get the final brick in place. No speaking here, just attending, so if they have a wireless network running I will be online!

Returning from USA in November, I'll land briefly in Volda before I rush off to Bergen and Digital og Sosial, which Jill, Jon and Thomas organise. I am speaking here, on blogs and beyond. Yes, I am looking into the vast spaces and reporting visions, Torill, the blogging Oracle...

Then I was supposed to have a few weeks of rest before I zoomed off to Other Players, where I have submitted a paper (no idea if it's been accepted yet). Now it looks like I may have to pass on that one. We'll see, but the college has
a) decided I am one of the five chosen to lead them into the reform of the educational system, and picked me for a group to analyse the organisational structure and suggest a new one. One consequence of this is that I will be travelling the week before Other Players - even to Denmark - visiting organisations organised differently from ours, and there's just a limit to what a woman can take of travels and still work full time.
b) put the media theory oral assessments right on top of that conference. I am normally heavily involved in this. I don't know if I get the time off yet, it depends on the resources of the department in December. I hope though. Other Players is the conference I really wanted to get to this year, for multiple reasons.

Is it a wonder I look at my calendar and get tired? I love travelling... I guess I need to ease off it a tiny little bit before it becomes too mundane.


Alexander said...

How funny. I very nearly posted a link to the same IIPC. I wonder if our missions could be combined?

stefanos pantagis said...

hi: learned about your work via alex halavais: been looking at your articles.

been writing up a blog entry about a brainwave concert from about a year ago held in toronto: touches on some other aspects of glogging. the idea to use other senses to create context.

also been following the archiving debate: added some posts on my blog

it sould work now that i changed all the template back to normal....