Monday, September 06, 2004

Digital documentary

PixelPress is a project to support documentary makers taking advantage of the digital media:
At PixelPress our intent is to encourage documentary photographers, writers, filmmakers, artists, human rights workers and students to explore the world in ways that take advantage of the new possibilities provided by digital media. We seek a new paradigm of journalism, one that encourages an active dialogue between the author and reader and, also, the subject.

Our online magazine features projects that use a variety of linear and non-linear strategies, attempting to articulate visions of human possibility even while confirming human frailty. For us the digital revolution is a revolution in consciousness, not in commerce.

One of their projects is Digital Diary: Witnessing the war by Brian Palmer. The diary is a mixture of strong, expressive photography and thoughtful writing. This is an example of how blog technology and blog genres can be used.

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