Tuesday, September 07, 2004

With just a little help

from your friends, it's possible to make some sense in an over-crowded day. A question asked by Jill on email yesterday was still unresolved today, until she grabbed the phone and asked me what I really want to talk about in Bergen in November. (Please, pretend that you don't follow that link until Thursday, they are working on the lay-out.)

This is what we came up with:
Sosiale tekster hinsides blogging

Blogging har blitt kjent og etablert blant akademikere. Men er blogging det endelige svaret på personlig, sosiale publisering via nettet? Hva betyr blogging for endringen av menigmanns rolle som mediebruker? Går rollen fra å være mottaker til å være deltaker eller spiller på nettet?

"Sosial texts beyond blogging: Blogging is known and established in academia. But is blogging the final answer to personal, social publishing online? How does blogging influence the shift of the common man's role as a media user? Does the role change from receiver to participant of player online?"

And then I said yes to do a blog workshop for beginners. Fun stuff!


Marika said...

Oh. I should be there. I'd love to be there. But I can't because I'll be teaching. Please blog extensively from each of the talks and workshops...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is off topic or uninteresting, but here's a link to an article about social software:


Gets interesting from the middle and onwards.

- ao

Torill said...

No worries Marika, with all the bloggers present, something HAS to leak out.

And thanks Arne Olav, I'll peek at it.