Thursday, September 02, 2004


I am currently testing to see if that is a good place to put up a photo blog. Flickr offers something I have not played around with before - different layers of privacy. Since I am planning to use this to communicate with my sisters about the boathouse, there's not everything that needs to be fully public.

I am not sure how this will work. Some of my sisters are very net-savvy, some were for years of the persuasion that computers would ruin the creativity of children, some are happily curious and exploring their new imacs and some just want the accounting system to work, for svarte. So I guess we represent a pretty varied sample of humanity.

I am doing a couple of other explorations into different ways to play around online, none of them at the moment connected directly to games. One is at Blink is a community site with blogging, moblogging, photoblogging, email between members, friend-lists and a lot of other different features that makes it one of the more interesting hybrids of social software and blogging software. I find this leans more towards social, as you have to log in in order to read blogs and view images - I think. I guess I will be corrected if I am wrong here. And I know, Livejournal was always more of a closed community - but I don't think that's anywhere close to Blink.

Offline, I am still playing Neverwinter Nights. I still love it. Almost through with the first part - I know, this is extremely slow - and there's little as relaxing and lazy as spending a sunday while it's raining right in front of the computer killing bandits, undead, rogue giants and trolls. One of these days I'll dare play it in company with others.


Anonymous said...


When you've finished the standard modules, you might want to try Adam Miller's work (Shadowlands, Dreamcatcher).

I found them a lot more interesting than the Bioware scenarios and the henchman character evolution is a lot of fun....

Torill said...

Sounds like a plan! I love having a plan ;)

Anonymous said...

Heh. I was just about to suggest Adam Miller's modules. Enjoy.

.: Tore Vesterby