Saturday, September 11, 2004

Nigerian scam

Obviously, the Nigerian scam isn't good publicity for the Nigerians. Here's a list of resources about the scam, compiled within a page of information on Nigeria.


ysrd said...


The nigerian letter scam may be bad publicity for the nigerians but it accounts for a large portion of their GNP. The people at the heart of the scam are both in government and in the business comunity. (see

Until it is no longer a money making deal for the country of Nigeria it wll continue.
(Also see

Torill said...

Interesting point. So you mean the writer of those letters may really have been highly positioned in the educational system? Or it really was the daughter of the educational minister? (I get most of my scam-emails with a typo to my name that otherwise only occurs in the membership lists of the International Association of Media and Communication Research, so they are mostly education or research themed.)