Friday, March 01, 2013

Pink blogs, money and professionalism

Several of my students have decided to write about fashion blogs and what we in Norway call "pink blogs". In relation to that I want to link to an interesting article that indicates a bit about the economic realities of blogging. It's originally published in the Norwegian newspaper VG, but behind a payment barrier.

Some interesting parts of it:
She was so young when she started, she didn't think about what getting money for her blog meant. That is probably very common in this field.

This indicates a very unprofessional approach to writing, ethics and the knowledge she spreads.

Both of the above topics indicate that the firms who use these bloggers also have no ethical and very few professional considerations on how they spend their publicity budgets.

Last: her parents didn't notice she was making 5000 - 30 000 n kr each month.