Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Flow, seduction...

Just updated the link to my paper from "Other Players" in Copenhagen 2004. The online conference proceedings have disappeared, but I found an electronic version of the article, and now the link leads to my own version.

I have no idea what happened to the conference proceedings, but I hope you enjoy the paper, even if it's aging.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Variety and familiarity

So far the DiGRA09 conference moves along smoothly, aided by a tremendous effort from the organisers. Tanya, Helen, Esther, Patrick, Justin, Barry and the rest of the crew working to make this work out are really WORKING.

On the presentation side, cancellations and no-shows have made the program very "roomy". While this makes for a relaxed atmosphere which people uses as an opportunity to talk, explore and exchange ideas, it tends to make people a little restless, as we all wonder what's going on in the other rooms.

The conference games are as usual played more intently by some than by others. I had some fun reading the rules and trying one of them yesterday, but then the interesting backchatter twitter game was forgotten due to the fact that I would have to plan the words for the next session, and not the current one. This creates a disruption in the flow of the conference, as it means I have to concentrate on what is to come by doing it. Also - seriously, how grand do you think our batteries are? There's no place to plug in the computer, and I am not taking the machine out in the cramped coffee/tea area just to send off a couple of twitter messages. So they need to wait until next session... when I am thinking about the session, not next backchatter round. Sorry about that, because it's a great idea.

As for the other game - well, I have the cards with me, but I just don't remember them at the vital moments when I could do something with them. Perhaps that game will take off during dinner.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

At Digra 2009

So here I am, at Brunel University, in incredibly lovely weather. Since I left Volda in pouring rain and +10 degrees Celcius, I was really not ready for +20 and sunshine.

I flew in to Heathrow, and that seems to have been the best choice, as Brunel in Uxbridge isn't exactly in the heart of London. From terminal 3, where SAS out of Scandinavia landed, the U3 bus went straight from the Central bus station to Brunel. It cost 2 pounds, and was very easy.

So now I am here and ready to listen to four days of presentations. Last night the game researchers all drifted in, ending in the local pub. There are still local pubs in England, for which I am very thankful - we're not exactly right on any fancy restaurant streets.