Friday, May 06, 2005


I like them.
I use them.
I use other people's blogrolls.
I miss them when they disappear.
I agree with Bitch Phd.


JR said...

Like others, I often use blogrolls to find new reading material. I originally found this page from the list of links on Jill's blog (or it might have been the other way around, I can't remember). And I visit a lot of the pages that Francis has listed on in his margins.

I wish someone would do a study on "link loyalty." I find that I leave links on my roll long after I've decided to stop reading a page regularly. Also, I leave one person's link at the top because I'm afraid if I move it lower, that person will be hurt. I wonder if others manage their links this way...

Loren said...

Blogrolls are my way of recommending other interesting sites without limiting my entries to writing about what others are writing.

Heck, I hardly ever write about what others are writing about.

Equally important, I discovered many of the sites I read regularly when they linked to me. If they are interested in what I'm interested in, it seems to follow that I might be interested in what they're interested in.

Susoz said...

Coincidentally, I spent about 15 minutes today updating my blog links. I deleted quite a few big sites, eg Informed Comment by Juan Cole - even though they are sites which I like or support, I rarely visit them and I figure they have lots of readers and links. I was more uncertain about deleting links to some local personal blogs by people who have commented on my blog. But I decided that as I don't really ever read their blogs and I don't set out to have a comprehensive blogroll, more a blogroll of people I read regualrly or sites which I am very sympatico with, then it served no purpose to have them on my roll. I did worry that those people will notice and feel hurt...

There are some blogs which I only visit via someone else's blogroll.