Monday, May 23, 2005

Life in an apartment building - White noise

The upstairs neighbour has the radio on at full power. I am getting a mix of bad american pop music and commercials through the thin floor in a house which works like a whispering gallery at some aspects, and I have no way to shut it up. Please, do anybody have a link to a file of white noise? I am off to find some powerful earphones.


Korosotu Yanemiro said...

Where did I put that album. Oh, there. It is called:

razi said...

At This time many people living in apartments. many of them don't like to live in this small house but they should do it. Many people don't have enough space to do what they want to do at this time we have many people that they are depressed and they don't enjoying their life they go to the doctors and use many medicine but they don't cure. I think that maybe one reason that makes people depressed is living in apartment. Because they have a small space and they have many things in this small space and all of time they like to have more space but they can't.