Saturday, May 28, 2005

Teens, Media and online literacy

The presentation which stuck with me from the early morning panel Friday, was Sonia Livingstone's presentation on UK children and their use of the internet, "UK Children go online". It was both a spirited presentation and some really interesting findings. Among other things she could show how many children used the net regularly, where they did it, proving school again to be the great equaliser, and she showed how important social background is in using the net.

The other two papers were interesting, but did not make the same impact. I hardly know what a Teaching assistant is, and so I was unable to absorb the potential impact of their use of technology in teaching. I do appreciate the very thorough work of the two teaching assistants presenting though. And Siho Nam appeared to be in the wrong panel, until I realised the "Critical Media Literacy" means the ability to use media in a conscious and critical manner, not something on critical media theory. At that point it became quite interesting, and I have to admit: involving 250 students in active, critical media use is impressive.

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