Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Blogshares - such an evil game

Press Release
thinking with my fingers suffered a huge setback with several analysts urging their clients to ditch the stock as it suffered a public relations disaster. The exact nature of customer dissatisfaction was not known but Mike Black was rumoured to have had a hand in it. Industry insiders suspect a Degree (artefact) was involved. thinking with my fingers share price dropped from B$2,079.50 to B$1,060.55

Mike Black declined to comment on the recent speculation.

Mike Black: http://blogshares.com/user.php?id=28218

PRID# 294226 / Posted: 18:28 07 May 2005

Considering that I spend far more time talking about PR than about games these days, seeing my blog suffer a PR setback in a game seems like divine justice. At least somebody with a degree (artefact) were involved!


Francis S. said...

Where do these press releases come from? It makes me laugh to read them... but who writes them? I noticed not all of those listed have a press release.

Francis S. said...

Actually, looking more closely, it's obviously a few text with key words generated from a list somehow... still, it's a clever touch!

Torill said...

I really don't play the game all that well, but if you look you'll see that Mike Black has first pushed the price of the blog down, then he has restructured the ownership, and bought the shares at the lowered price. I really should spend some time to figure out those artifacts - I'd love a "red pen" artifact for instance - it should beat just about anything in the academic game ;)

Mike said...

I love to own things I like that's why now I got all the shares in your blog Torill. Blogshares is really cool and apart from being a fun ultra-addictive game it has also great potential for gaming research purposes.

To answer your questions the press releases are automatically created according to what way you use your artefact although you are also given the option to add comments to the press release.