Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Work, interrupted

Hilde just left. She has visited since Monday, and we have been working on the article for Women in Games 2005, in Dundee. Hilde came to Volda because I couldn't come to Bergen. But as I stayed in Volda, teaching and administration intruded on my already sparse research time, and I suddenly had no more full days to dedicate to research this week. And it got worse. Every time I showed my face at the college in order to give a lecture or be present at a meeting, I ended up attending at least two more meetings. And answering some questions. And assisting at an exam.

Having Hilde here was wonderful, and she is such a very efficient and powerful scholar, I am humbled. I feel like a noisy bumblebee, heavy, zigzagging my way towards something, despite physics, daring to defy gravity, undecided and slow compared to Hildes determination and focus.

The article will be great. I only hope it will not be great despite of me.

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