Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Blogs as spare memory

Yes, I know, it's kind of tacky to have my own students promote me, but at least they are not the editors of, so the article published there today about me and my blog and the blogging practice has passed through more than one filter. And I already admit to being a "harry" person in the interview, so I guess it's all in character. ("harry" in Norwegian means having a low or barbaric taste, for instance wearing white tennis sock with your dark suit.)

One of the courses this semester was on journalistic writing, and in order to support that course my colleague Øystein Pedersen made a deal with that if the work of our students was good enough for them, they would publish it. The students have been interviewing researchers at Volda College, and there have been a few articles as a result of this cooperation. Great practice for the information students, easy access to good and proofed content for, a chance for the faculty in Volda to get their profile in a visible spot in the Norwegian research community.

The articles have gone through the same quality control as the work of other freelancers (at least), and although there have been a fairly large amount of articles written, so far only four have been published.

Other Volda researchers interviewed by my students:
Anne Marie Rekdal on Ibsen
Johann Roppen on newspaper ownership
Peder Haug criticising the Norwegian school system


Thomas said...

"Read Torill's blog and drink beer"

Now, that's a new one! Hehe :)

Torill said...

Heh. Next I know it's not just a rare event, it's a cult. Please, if you ever plan a party over that topic, I would like everybody to wear pink rubber gloves. Just in case.