Thursday, May 26, 2005

When, where at the ICA

Inspired by Kaye Trammel's post on her paper, and the realisation that I did not have enough information to find her presentation easily, here's my preliminary plans on the offchance that somebody would actually like to hook up with me at the ICA conference in New York this week-end.

Today I will just be dropping in to pick up the conference material and register, not staying for the opening session or for the reception.

Friday I am there for the whole day: Teens and media and online literacy, Online games, possible lunch break in the plenary session, Challenges in Computer Game Research and Theory, Alternative media reframing of the media mainstream, then so many interesting panels are clashing that I may just have to get a cup of coffee and a break, before the Interest group in Game Studies - exploratory meeting.

Saturday I thought I could sleep in until 7 am, but thanks to Kaye and Alex Halavais I will be out of Brooklyn before 7 to catch the early morning Emerging tecnologies lecture. Then there's Blogs and the media emperors/new clothes, possibly doing the lunch during the plenary session thing again, althought this one looks the most interesting to me, Digital libraries and sites of communication and technical practices next, and that's it for Saturday.

Sunday I have very few plans, but the plans I have are early morning and late afternoon: Culture and media - internet use at 8.15, and then no real plans until 5.15 pm; Research methodology for communication and technology.

Monday is fairly filled up all morning: Games and human interaction, The internet - technoactivism and the public sphere, Methodological challenges of computer game research, and that's it for the current plans.

This is however a crowded conference, it is unfamiliar to me, and the only two people I know will be there are Kaye Trammel and Alex Halavais - both great bloggers and nice people - so I can't guarantee I will not change my mind somewhere along the route if something comes up. The blog- and game-topics are pretty safe bets though.

(And in honour of my own complaints about the CCCC abbreviation: ICA stands for International Communication Association, and the full name is right up there next to the acronym on their website. Good communication work there!)


Joolz said...

A million apologies this is not a comment about this post specifically. Sorry to mislead.
Anya left a message on my metabolg here that you had put a link to a discussion abut contacts on Flickr. Is this true? I am really interested in the social dynamics (and power)on web communities and would be really grateful for the reference if you can show me it.

Now I have found your blog I am really pleased. It is a mine of info for which I am very grateful!!
Wish I could see you in New York this weekend!! Look forward to reading about it anyway!

k said...

Great to see if you today even if there was no time to talk - thanks for making the sacrifice & coming to the very early morning panel. :)

Torill said...

Great to see you as well, Kaye, and your talk was really interesting. I think yours was perhaps the best of the weblog presentations, although the paper on tracking content across the map was great too. I will have to read the actual papers to find out though :)