Wednesday, April 04, 2001

Where to start - or rather, stop. I am surfing along the information highway, and it's becoming increasingly clear to me that the antropological definition of a place hardly applies... Then again, doesn't it?

Only, the history of the net can't make a "place" for me on the net. I have to find that place, settle into it and experience it. Dragon Realms was that type of a place. I suspect that is why learning that it would be dis-continued was such a shock to everybody. What if you learn that tomorrow your home - or the world will be demolished? Douglas Adams writes of that in "A Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy", and his character is stunned. Arthur Dent lies down in front of the buldozer, trying to save his little house, feeling as if his world will end with the demolition of his home. That is until he learns that something far worse is happening, and that not only his home, but the home of the terrans will be demolished, to make space for a highway...

And Dragon Realms was - if not demolished, then made unaccessible to us all. I think that is the angle which has been aching in the back of My head... Thank you, Douglas Adams, for again supplying sufficient distration to find focus.

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