Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Sometimes I feel like saying: please, bonk me.
I had been trying to wring and wiggle to make a quote I disagreed with into a good point to start when describing the process of creating a game, just because it came from a book with the words "Interface" and "Culture" in the title. When it was pointed out that I am not that much of a verbal contortionist, I had to look again. I have been refusing to think of games as a type of film for so long, my mind has shied away from the most obvious of comparisons when it comes to complex cooperations in the creation of entertainment: the film. So now I am reading David Bordwell's Film Art with a slightly sheepish look on my face. Why I look silly? Because this book has been on the reading-list for our undergraduates for years... and I didn't even think to look that way.

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