Wednesday, January 02, 2002

As the cat did not stop at the book, I am now looking for a new computer backpack. I found this for women. I expected it to have for instance shorter distance between the shoulder straps for slender shoulders, a shorter back or a different padding to compensate for women's bodies, but what's the feminine feature? It's slim (which means, no space for books, papers, folders etc), but: "The front compartment is large enough to hold a small purse or a makeup bag." Because women who carry computers in their backpacks don't carry organisers, cellphones, extra disks, portable cd-players, extra drives, palms or even an assortment of pens. Nope, we have a small purse or a makeup bag.

If the cat had peed on my little purse, I wouldn't have been half this upset! (As a matter of fact: since it doesn't exist, I wouldn't have been upset at all.)

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