Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Non-academic work
It barely exists in my life, but inspired by Clancy and Anne, I found a project I started more than a year ago, before my hands really refused to cooperate. This pair of mittens was never finished because I discovered that it was too small for all the adults of my family. No, they are not that tiny, just normal size for a woman, which means a woman not related to any of my ancestors. They are traditional Selbu mittens, selbuvotter, and I am bringing this pair with me when I go to NYC, to see if any of my friends there have daintier hands.

The other project will take a bit more time to finish, and I may have to go shopping for more wool. I tend to make everything several sizes too large. Sometimes that's a good thing.

And, since I kept surfing looking for knitting links rather than going home to make dinner:
Knitting in Norway
NYC yarn shops - in case I feel inspired while I am there

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