Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Different options
Next time around, I will make different choices when the turn comes for me to return to the worldly pursuits. With the increase of population over the last few hundred years, I can't imagine souls are allowed to stay in storage long, so some of my plans may still be valid. At the moment, the plan for the next life is to learn languages. I want to be the child (daughter is fine) of a couple with one spanish and one russian speaking parent. They should live in Japan. They put me in an international school where I have to learn French and Arabic. Then they move to Italy, and I study classical languages in Rome; Latin, Greek.

Then, when I meet interesting looking online publications like neural.it, I don't need to feel stupid and frustrated. Luckily, a link can be recognized in most languages, and it links to a varied collection of online resources. Enjoy!

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