Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Academici: akademia meets social software

Through the college mail I received a request today to consider a new social site called Academici. A quick glance without logging in tells me it's a networking area, directed at finding other academics working in the same area, and contacting them.

And all this for only Euro 5.95 a month. For free, you don't get to search, but you get to put in your own information and invite friends - so you may contribute content for free, but can not find it.

This looks like a rather standard contact site set-up, only with a clear target group: academics. Not a silly thought, really, but I can find so many people online for free, do I need this as well?

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Prof. Dr. Markus Vinzent said...

Dear Torill,
thanks for this - a logging gives you the answer: academici is not only free for putting in you profile, it is also free for searching, writing, reading, hence, doing all the necessary basic functions, hence the free basic membership. The premium membership, you are referring to, allows for more convenience, gives a more detailed search and - the revenue keeps the site going and allows us to develop new services and to run it professionally. But it is also true (and that is why roughly 350 new members sign up daily from around the world) that search engines like Google and others are not meant for people search (many colleagues have not put their e-mail address on the site, it is already a real problem, to find colleagues beyond your field even on the same campus, and the more important somebody is, the more difficult it is to get in touch with her or him; most business people who are working together with academics cannot be found on the internet - or how to find Mrs X working in R&D at SAP, Unilever, NOKIA ...), but have a try and see - I'd be surprised if you do not like the site,