Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Agirra strives on

I picked up something not-so-fun this weekend, and the cold (yes, COLD, not cool) summer offers exellent opportunity for diseases to spread. As a result today was spent in bed with hankies and a computer. Luckily, Agirra had not picked up any viruses.

She keeps running about in the same area. The quests lead to new quests and to new quests again, and I tend to end up at the Crossroads, a small town in a large desert. It is surrounded by the Razormane tribes, Kolkar kentaurs, lions, striders - huge striding birds, and raptors of different kinds, dinosaur type beasts like velociraptors. I have had 13 quests going at once since I entered that area, and I am just not getting the number down. I seem to attract quests whenever. Or Agirra does. She's the one who needs to make money. I just want levels and roleplay.

I am also getting better at talking to people, and as I am learning to use Agirra's skills, I dare to suggest that we group up for entering dangerous areas or kill those hard-to-kill NPCs. This also leads to role-play, but as I am not yet involved with any of the guilds, the role-play is more personal. And so it gets a distinct flavour of girl-meets-boy and boy-wants-action. I have to decide what Agirra likes or not and preferably try to avoid too much cyberflirting, but really, flirting in the body of a fang-toothed huge raptor-killing orc shaman is kind of fun. I have the habit of hitting ' instead of enter to talk though, a left-over action from the MUDs coming into action when I slip into MUD rp mode.

There are a few things I need to do to understand what is going on before I start comparing to MUDs too much though. I need to get into a guild or clan. I should work on PVP, both defensive and aggressive. I should make at least one more character at a different server, to look for social/cultural differences.

If the summer stays as cold as it is, that may be no problem.


room217 said...

Må jeg få anbefale tran og appelsiner mot forkjølelse. Stevie Wonder kan også, dersom brukt riktig, yte en viss helbredende effekt.

Jeg vil også be om å få linke til den inspirerende bloggen din fra min egen.

Bli frisk!

Beste ønsker,

T.E.Mortensen aka room217

Torill said...

Allergisk mot tran (fiskeolje) og appelsiner tåler jeg bare i små doser. Stevie Wonder finnes det ikke en eneste plate med i huset. Så i stedet ble det krydderte og WOW. Det virket!

Og nettet er fritt for alle, link ivei du!