Saturday, September 24, 2005


agirra, originally uploaded by Rotill.

Jill posted about the character on Runetotem, with a pretty little screenshot. But I happen to like the background of the orc better. Red and orange, wartorn and on fire, Agirra stands in the Barrens against a backdrop of blood and smoke, nothing of the cute human order and prettyness. She is fighting for a peaceful slice of the desert: some sand, sun and scorpions for the orcs to live amongst and not be manipulated by warlocks or captured and killed by humans.

And yes, I think the flags and the hill connote the pictures from the French revolution, rising the red flag on the barricades. Makes me like it even more.


Thomas said...

I have - as so many others - spent (or wasted) my share of time in Azeroth. I've played on a PvP server, which - obviously - can get pretty bloody at times. But how does the roleplaying servers work; are they as strict as they seem with regards to the roleplaying aspect?

Torill said...

I think they are pretty lax, thomas, but then if I have a chance, I am a role-play nazi. I love to be in a world where the role-play happens in all levels, and where the players are always looking out for a chance to be in character. Sadly, that's not true here.