Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What not to write about

I often get the question: But what do you write about in your blog? The topics are too many to mention. And then I get the question, from the clever ones: what do you not write about? This I can, to a certain extent, answer.

I try to avoid things I consider private.

I try to avoid failures.

I try to avoid to write about sex (unless you are a fetishist and get off watching my black and pink polkadot rubber boots).

I try to avoid politics I don't know anything about.

I try to avoid to attack people repeatedly. I may get sharp, but I try to avoid vindictive, obsessed and nasty.

I try to avoid specifics about students (unless they are exhibitionists like thomas), and while colleagues are not always safe, I try to keep it clean and positive.

All the rest I don't write about is just because I a) don't know anything about it, b) thinks it's boring, or c) am too cowardly or something to get into that discussion as well.

And with that, another thing I never thought would become so much of a topic in this blog, something I would have put on the "things I never write about list" when I started: celebrating a month of warmth after a freezing summer, new shoes!


Thomas said...

Exhibitionist, me? Haha, you must be joking!

Francis S. said...

Red toenails!

I think my list of things I don't write about is pretty close to yours, Torill. Although I also avoid writing about work, except occasionally and only then in the most general terms.

Torill said...

Yep, red toenails matching the red of the soles of the shoes! I never do that kind of stuff, but these sandals had me checking colours in the drugstore to be sure to get a perfect match :)

erlingsi said...

Your readers have read about all the topics you claim to avoid in your blog:

What others consider private when it is up to you and your image

About sex, broadly defined

About politics, because everything is politics

Other people repeatedly in many avenues

About students when it suits you self presentation

About colleagues when they can nourish your self imange.

Torill said...

I am sure you are right, Erling :) But I said "I try to avoid". Never said I always manage to do that. And, as you point out, it is also a matter of definition.