Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Do it like a pro

Johnathan Wendel has a job which gives him a flow experience, puts him "in the zone". He is a professional gamer, and the obvious pleasure he gets from doing what he likes is fascinating - as is the reporter's surprise at how a man who makes money on something as cheesy as playing computer games can live a simple or even austere life dedicated to his passion.

Still, the reporter describes a basement room lined with networked computers and filled with other gamers. What is austere about that? To a gamer, that is opulence. Expensive furniture is uninteresting, unless it supports you well through 5 hours of intensive gaming, but a really good monitor - now that is art. It's just a different culture with different values. It may not be the revolution, but something is changing.

Link courtesy of my NYC connection.

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