Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wow-europe researcher's guild

Jill, Hilde and I would like to found a researcher's guild in World of Warcraft, on the European servers. It is something I have wanted for a long time, and with the number of researchers playing WoW it should be doable. We are still discussing things like which server (I am all for Moonglade, a new RP server), which side (where I am of course, partial to the horde, if we go alliance I will insist that we work on building a team which can beat the horde in Arathi Basin. I really want to see it done.), and even name and story.

The OOC purpose of the guild will be to meet to discuss game research informally, to do pilot studies to test out research strategies and to learn how the different aspects of the game interlinks through playing in groups and discussing with other researchers.

The IC purpose if the guild will be... Well, depends on what side we are on, really. It needs to fit well enough into the role-play structure of Moonglade that we don't violate the rules of an RP server, and be sufficiently conform that we don't change the server too much through our presence. It should not be so peaceful we can't experiment with all the different play-modes of the game, and not so violent we spend our time ganking and be ganked. That in itself will be a study of the role of the researcher in a delicate online research environment.

If you are interested in being part of this, to learn more and to give shape to the guild early, get in touch with me, Jill or Hilde. Emails will do, until we have decided on the details. We need six more to be able to start the guild, so once we are nine a lot will be settled quickly.

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