Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Year of the game

After having written quite a bit about weblogs lately, it seems like this is the year of the game. I am (finally) deeply submerged in writing about games and game studies for a Norwegian audience, I have outlined two projects to do with Jill and Hilde and started working on one of these, and I am looking at the CFP for DAC 2007 in Perth, trying to decide if what I am doing for the other projects will fit there.

Oddly, while I was writing about weblogs, I wanted to get back to gaming. Now I feel like I am neglecting the work I want to do on weblogs. I keep moving back and forth between the topics, seeing an increasing number of important points where the work touches. My wild fancy of where my research would be in 2010 look less like wild imagination and more like some odd premonition.


Dennis G. Jerz said...

I feel the exact same tension, in the exact same subject areas -- blogs and games. I don't have a solution.

Torill said...

I don't think I want a solution, really. It's more that I note what is happening. I believe in frustration as a constructive force, it invites creativity and inventiveness.