Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Torill on TV

Or is it my character who is the real main in that event?

Some weeks ago now, I spent a day with a television team from Schrødingers katt, a program on NRK mainly concerned with research. They were fascinated with the idea of The Truants, our guild of game researchers, and wanted to talk to me about game research and why somebody wanted to use a game as a base for academic networking, writing, lectures, discussions on methodology and ethics, and all the other stuff we do in between playing and studying the game.

They have edited the day down to a few minutes, and these minutes will be on this Thursday, 26th of October 19:30 at NRK1. According to Eivind Grimsby Harr, the journalist, I will be presented kindly, but he did admit it would look like I am a nerd who lives totally in Cyberspace. A nice nerd, though, according to him. I'll just have to accept that.

And to emphasize my nerdiness, I have agreed to be available for a net meeting Friday 27th, between 11:00 and 12:00. I don't have the link to that yet.

Update Oct 25th: the part of the program with me in it is already online.

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