Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Norwegian cozyness

A comment on my blog lead to reading the blog of Renny Bakke Amundsen, who among other things teaches corporate blogging(!). A post I noticed was by his American wife, who wrote about the Norwegian cozyness - den norske kosen (Psst, Renny, what's up with the permalinks? I can't find a good way to link, had to link to the comments). She explains this very simple but very complex concept well, and for those who read Norwegian and would like some more views on this, here are a couple of interesting links.
Kjetil Rollness about Norwegian cozyness, Kosesamfunnet.
Not everybody loves the Norwegian way of having a good time, and I would have loved to read the interview with Nina Witoszek both articles refer to.


RennyBA said...

Thank you so much for plugging me Torill!
The concept of Norwegian koseling seams to be a large part of our every day culture but it takes an American to explain it in English. Being a Norwegian you don't see it so well you know.
(for permalinking, you just remove #comments!)
Btw: do you mind if I put you on my blogroll? as I think you have a really interesting blog!

Torill said...

By all means, put me on the blogroll, I never ask for permission for that or for linking. It would severely slow down the already slow conversation betwen blogs - and it would defy the purpose of critical, inquisitive and properly referring writing online.