Thursday, December 28, 2006

German game studies?

I have this impression that German game studies is mainly hard-data sociology. This may be an error of mine, from a traumatic experience at a conference in New York a couple of years ago, but when I look for computer game studies in Germany I don't find it. This is probably due to my bad German skills, it's hard to find the right keyword in a language I write badly. So please, dear knowledgeable and skilled readers: what do you know about German game studies? Can you please tell me?


Luca said...

nothing about German Game studies.. in fact the only german Sociologist that I know quite well is Niklas Luhmann that could be considered some kind of hard sociologist (even without data!).
The comment was just to say that I tagged you here!

Einar said...

Torill said...

Thank you George. There is a reference to computer games (Datenspiele) in that article, although mostly it's about group processes and group cooperation. Interesting in that regard though!

orange. said...

Hi Torrill,
check out Alexander Knorr. He is a german anthropologist doing post doc research on game modding.
check out his research blog: (in english)