Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Culture of the information Age

There is a conference in Budapest in October. It looks interesting both because of the topic and as a place to go (Hungary! Very interesting place!). Culture of the Information Age concerns itself with cultural change due to new information technology, a topic which tends to be ignored when it's not treated like a dystopia. It had to be somebody outside the "Ameropean" cultural dominance to rise the question analytically and perhaps even without fear.¨

Deadline for abstracts is June 4th.

From the mail bringing this conference to my attention:
János Kodolányi University College as promoter of FreesideEurope Online Academic Journal is organizing an international conference with the theme of The Culture of the Information Age to be held in Székesfehérvár, Hungary from October 10 to 11 2007.

We invite abstracts (consisting of 200 words and a short CV) that focus on the themes listed in the attached conference outline. The abstracts sent in will be reviewed and chosen by the Editorial Board. Participants will be asked to present a paper and provide a copy of their talks in MS Word format for possible publication.

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Is there a typo or an editing scar in the first paragraph? It's difficult to parse the last sentence. I also not that there's a closing quotation but no opening quotation; perhaps something was lost?

Torill said...

Sorry, but could you say that again in Norwegian? I have a strong feeling that my English is failing me when I try to figure out what you try to tell me. I have edited the post in the hope to make it more readable, but I am couldn't see what you might be pointing out.