Friday, June 01, 2007

articles on the visual side of games

I am looking hard for articles discussing the visual impressions of games. Have I gone blind, amd I using the wrong search words, or are there hardly any serious discussions of the graphical game interface?

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Linn Søvig said...

Gamasutra is an excellent place to search for such articles. But you need to have a login id to really search, I think. It's free though. You find articles from designers and academics there - which I've always loved. And they really get into discussions.

Otherwise - no, there's really not that much. I've been trying to get some of the bachelor students to look into this - but without much luck. The general consensus is that the department isn't ready for it yet. Games are just begging to be analysed with mediatheory - and I hondestly don't think that much has been written. But will be on the lookout. Otherwise I'd ask Rune Klevjer - he's probably got a good deal - ooh - and Henry Jenkins! I'm sure that the Barbie vs Mortal Combat (sorry - don't have a chance to look it up now) book has something.

I'm sure there's something though. Maybe by googling 'game aesthetics'?