Monday, October 29, 2007


Note to self: Find the books where I have written down the different passwords and log in names in the totally fail-safe secret way of never ever having the book(s) anywhere relevant to logging in.

I am trying to work out of the Umeå Library, and while the library is lovely (not a single bad thing to say about the library) I am suffering from total account overload. Moving to Umeå has given birth to at least 5 different codes just connected to new cards (money, locks, copying), a printer code, two new mail accounts, a new log-in for a blog and one library account, as well as a long list of different ip-adresses I need for access in different spots, and several new physical keys. I have tried to keep track of all this in writing, as my brain is NOT made for remembering that kind of stuff (I blame the meningitis at age 22. It actually did blow a chunk of my memory, and for quite a while after regaining consciousness I did not notice that what I pronounced was not what I thought. This is a kind of Aphasia, and while the doctors brushed it off and claimed I was functioning far too well, and forgetting names, words and concepts is perfectly normal, I felt there was a marked difference in my ability to function at this level.). However, I have not been particularly successful, for what am I to do when I don't remember where I wrote it down? Like right now, what user name did I use for logging into my library bookshelf? What is the version of my personal number as it is written in Sweden? (Only thing I remember is: Not the same as in Norway.)

At least I know how I need to spend the morning. Tracking down all these different scraps of paper and very important note books and collect all that information, data security be damned. Anyway, if somebody really want to spy on my library bookshelf, by all means, have a look.


Kelly said...

My mother was having a similar difficulty keeping track of all her online passwords, email address, login information etc (as do I actually) - so I bought her something like this (sorry for the long link):

perhaps not something you want to leave sitting on your desk, but a good thing to carry with you when not working from your home base.

Torill said...

thanks! Problem with something like that is that I wouldn't carry it with me. The only object I am almost 98% certain to have with me is my cellphone. I guess what I should do is to get a cellphone with a "wallet" function, and put in all the passwords and stuff there, immediately. Then all I need to remember to get at them is the password for the locked area on the phone :)