Monday, May 25, 2009

End of spring term

Just to let you all know, you who think teachers don't work when you don't see them: We do. So when you all have dropped off your papers and gone off to get a summer job and wait for the grades, we work day and night to get everything done within the deadlines. And if you feel the grades are published slowly, it's not because we're not working. We are reading like maniacs, right up to the moment you learn about your grades.

And then we do some more assessments, and start planning next term, so you have something to think we're dodging next year, too.

Yeah, I know, a touch bitter here, but after yet another student claiming that "a little bit more work can't kill you", it feels like yes, actually, a little bit more work is exactly what would kill me right now.

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Klepsacovic said...

You should be grateful, at least they're no longer in the mode of a child who thinks their teacher vanishes over the summer. More seriously though, it's a no-win situation: students wants grades quickly, especially when graduating, but instructors need time to grade. I must admit to being guilty of playing my part in killing (not literally!) one of my professors; she'd given two papers due anytime before the end of the semester and well, you can guess when she got most.

I found your blog through a link, I think from Blessing of Kings, a couple weeks ago. The subject it interesting. I wish you luck with your research.