Wednesday, October 14, 2009


What you're looking at here is an image from the Norwegian weather site, showing the weather in Urbino for 48 hours. The temperature is about the same as in Volda, and if you notice the dip in the red line towards the slightly thicker line, Friday it's coming frighteningly close - that means it falls down almost to freezing. There's snow in the mountains in the distance (luckily, note distance), and I have been shopping for warm clothing. I now have a very exclusive italian wool jacket made in Toscana, and the cap and gloves I put into the bag when I got on the plane out of Norway, not planning to use until I got back, are actually getting use!

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David C. Russell, Author said...

Hi Torill, I was just looking for something "different" to read this morning and stumbled on your blog via recommendation from someone's article who had you listed as thinking through your fingers. I live in the US, state of Michigan, fall is here and snow will soon be within a matter of weeks. Just hello to you, is my reason for sending a comment.
Mellow Roc