Friday, February 19, 2010

Moral panic goes horribly wrong

This extremely sad tale from China demonstrates only too well how dangerous extremes are - in either direction. While China already is the source of many of the horrible stories supporting the idea of internet-addiction in North America and Europe (such as the person who died after 20 hours of non-stop gaming), it is now becoming the source of the horror stories about what happens when a nation blames one object only for the cultural changes that are challenging the established order.

Deng Senshan was another victim to fear, lack of knowledge and massive propaganda.

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Klepsacovic said...

There are obviously harmful effects from excessive and compulsive usage, of the internet or anything, but when the 'treatment' becomes so [choose your own negative adjective] it tends to push people into thinking there's no disorder at all. Neither extreme is any good for anyone, except those who get rich off exploiting fears.