Friday, September 24, 2010

Blame the woman

I am currently stuck at Kastrup, waiting on a flight to Paris which is already severely delayed. Now, this is no fun, but some people just can't take it. The lady informing the passengers was still delivering her message as a man stormed up to her and started telling her off. Another employee of Norwegian, the airline, told him they were really sorry, and the man backed off for a moment. 20 seconds later, he ran back, and started yelling about the crappy service, and how he never got an apology from Norwegian. The male Norwegian employee offered very polite apologies on behalf of the company. The complaining man brushed him off with: "I am not talking to you!" to keep yelling at the female.

What was that? It's not like they had different jobs, it just happened to be the woman on the loudspeaker, not the guy.

Having too much time to think about it, I have realised it's simple. It's a matter of "blame the woman." She is more vulnerable, even when she speaks with the voice of authority (the loudspeaker). Hence, she is the one to attack.


Klepsacovic said...

Be very afraid of people whose memory erases after 20 seconds.
"Another employee of Norwegian, the airline, told him they were really sorry"
"how he never got an apology from Norwegian"
Maybe he wasn't trying to pick on the woman. Maybe he was just incredibly stupid. Or those go hand in hand.

Torill said...

True. Incredibly stupid would do it. Particularly since he claimed this happened everytime he used Norwegian. If the experience is THAT uncomfortable, perhaps learn from it, and pay a bit more to a different airline?