Wednesday, September 05, 2001

As I looked in on Azhad today, Jasalm, the coder, was very happy about his new feature: contest

Syntax: Contest

The contest command allows two characters to generate a probabilistic outcome based on their attributes. This is intended as a roleplaying aid for emoted combat and any situation where an objective comparison is needed.

Some examples of situations where contest might be used:
str - arm wrestling
dex - juggling
con - drinking contests
int - games of strategy
wil - staring contest

A "combat" contest is a somewhat different thing. Essentially it evaluates one combat attack, using all relevant attributes, skills, equipment, and magical affects of both characters. The command then
informs the room of the attack, the outcome, and the amount of damage done (if any).

See also: attack, execute, emote, attributes.

The point being: while you might not want to attack an opponent and fight to the death or until one party flees (as you do with the kill-command), you might want to demonstrate that you are using force and your character should be able to do what the player emoted.

This is an interesting feature, something between fighting and emoting, and possibly something Jasalm is the first to include in a MUD.

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